Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Position your company as a market leader

Make your Business/Site rank higher across all the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Reach potential clients when they are looking for your services or products.

With the growth of Internet commerce, the visibility of your site is paramount to increase your visits and multiply your sales. To this end, there are new marketing tools that will enable your clients to quickly find your website on Internet.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of analyzing and modifying web pages to rank the website encompassing them in the highest positions across the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

This service is developed by our team of experts in SEO. They perform a broad analysis, including headings, tags, codes, and the design of the web page itself. When hiring our SEO service, you will receive a monthly report on your site’s progress by email. We guarantee the results of our work

How does it work?

Basically, we study your competitors based on the market sector, the internal code of the site to be positioned, and keywords that define the business sector and that will make your site relevant to search engines. After a minimum period of 3-6 months, we work on the site itself, optimizing its technical aspects and content.

All this will help your business or company to eventually position itself as one of the first and best ones in the market.

SEO work involves 3 main areas:

  • To analyze the external competition in the market sector and set the keywords that will catapult your site to the first page of search results
  • To analyze and optimize the site’s technical aspects (source code, structure, sitemap, etc).
  • To analyze and optimize web content, improving the structure of institutional texts and emphasizing on language, semantics and syntax

Paid advertising campaigns on Google Adwords (Pay per click)

Find out about the effectiveness of your investment in real time and get an immediate return through the traffic on your website.

How does it work?

AdWords is a service from Google that allows you to advertise your business on Google and its network of affiliate publishers. AdWords can be considered as a smart advertising method for clients, since the advertising investment costs are reflected in the traffic or visitors to their site.

Google AdWords (Pay per click) consists of paid advertising on Google. Relevant AdWords ads are displayed alongside search results on Google (on the top right), and only appear for certain keywords specified by the advertiser. In addition, Google has a network of affiliate sites –Google Adsense–, where your ad will also appear provided the content of such websites are related to your website.

One of the advantages of this service is that it can be set up in no time and your ads will start working immediately on search engines. It is ideal for companies or businesses that need to promote products and services within a specified period of time.

Facebook advertising campaigns

Advertise on the most popular social network in the world, reaching potential clients quickly and effectively.

We create and manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook. Currently, social media can serve as a link between you, your business and your target audience and allow you to reach more people in new ways with minimal investment, targeting a specific audience segmented by age, geographic area, gender and interests.

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