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Would you like to manage your own deliveries?

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Self-administered Email Marketing System

It is a new concept in email marketing service that uses a platform designed so that you can manage your deliveries using a username and password. It is a service conceived for those who need to send weekly, monthly or daily information about their services to their database.

It consists of an email management software that allows you to manage your own deliveries, create campaigns, manage your contacts and create newsletters, choosing from a wide variety of predesigned templates.

Among other possibilities offered by this platform, you will be able to check statistics, have real-time delivery reports, segment your contacts by the type of information you want to send them and know how many emails were opened.

Email Marketing Services

These are specific campaigns in which the client sends a one-time special promotion to a database or 2-4 deliveries a month. It is ideal to promote new products and services.

We manage your campaign for you. Leave everything to us and get results. We design the template for your deliveries, with your logo and the information you want to send.

In addition, we provide delivery statistics and recommend actions to be taken considering the statistical data obtained in the Campaigns.

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